1883-O VAM-60A

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1883-O VAM-60A Doubled Ear, Overlapping Reeding, Clashed t

Discovery October 2013 by C. Logan McKechnie
60A III2 33 * C3a (Doubled Ear, Overlapping Reeding, Clashed t) (?) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 33 – Clashed die with faint incuse t of Trust from reverse showing in the right hair vee of lower hair edge.
1- Possible Duplicate Listing of 1883-O VAM-26A
["Changed listings to eliminate VAMs 60 _60A as same as VAMs 26 & 26A. Will show in next printing of 2014 VAM Supplement." Leroy Van Allen, March 13, 2015.]

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

The VAM 60A is the same as the VAM 60 with the addition of the incuse t of Trust showing in the right hair vee. The following three photos are seen on both the VAM 60 and the 60A. The fourth photo is of the location of the incuse t which makes the coin a VAM 60A.
1883-O VAM 60 or 60A Photo 1.jpg
1883-O VAM 60 or 60A Photo 2.jpg
1883-O VAM 60 or 60A Photo 3.jpg
1883-O VAM 60A Photo 1.jpg
A stronger shot of the clashed t in the first hair vee. [Think 1901-O VAM 1A LDS.] -- CLM
1883-O VAM 60A Photo 5.jpg
The mintmark on the VAM 60 and the VAM 60A is set a bit to the left.
1883-O VAM 60 or 60A Photo 4.jpg
This photograph does not show the clash at the neck or the tip of the n as strongly as it, in fact, appears on the coin. The locations are, however, correct.
1883-O VAM 60A Photo 2.jpg
The clashes on the reverse are a bit different--probably because of rotation at the time of the clash--with the double clashed cap back at the top wreath and over the leaf.-- CLM
1883-O VAM 60A Photo 3.jpg
The doubled neck clash runs from the wing into the left leg of the n. -- CLM
1883-O VAM 60A Photo 4.jpg