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1883-O VAM-1F1

1883-O VAM-1F1 Clashed Obverse e & us, Reverse M

Discovered by Mark Kimpton, October 2003. Revised 2005
1F1(revised) III21 · C3a (Clashed Obverse e & us, Reverse M) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III21– Clashed die with partial incuse us of Trust from reverse showing in hair junction above right hair vee of lower hair edge. Higher than usual location of clashed st in field of hair edge vee. Partial incuse e of We from reverse showing in space between hair locks at right of designer’s initial M.
Reverse C3a– Clashed die with faint raised designer’s initial M from obverse showing above d in God. Same reverse die as VAM-21A but later die state with second faint die clash.

1. Reverse die of 21A is shared with 1F1, 1F2 & 1F3. Additional clashes are present on 1F1 & 1F2.
2. View Progression here 21 Thru 1F

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Additional Photos:

This variety also has a very lightly doubled bottom ear lobe, which Leroy says is too small to mention. This photo is of an EDS VAM-1F with the clashed US feature but not the other clashed letters. The inner ear has die polishing lines:
Obverse Clashed Letters
Mint Mark
Counterclash at neck.

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