1882 S Sort by Doubled Date

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Doubled 1 8 8 2

With S over S
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-17 Doubled Date, S/S
SWH 1882-S VAM-17A MM.jpg
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-17A Doubled Date, S/S, Die Chip left Wreath
Sentry02 1882S-VAM17A DieChip.jpg
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-19 Doubled Date, S/S
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-28 Doubled Date, S/S Lower Loop
1882 S VAM 28 S S Lower Loop.jpg
With S Tilted Left
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-18 Doubled Date, S Tilted Left
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-25 Doubled Date, S Tilted Left
With S Tilted Far Left
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-20 Doubled Date, S Tilted Far LeftFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
APC 1882S PP33b 126.jpg
With S Centered
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-5 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-13 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-13A Doubled Date, Die Chip Left Wreath Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-14 Doubled Date Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-16 Doubled Date Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-24 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1882-S VAM-27 Doubled Date