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1882 Doubled Reverse Study

1882-P Doubled Reverse Die Study

This page is dedicated to an 1882 Philadelphia Mint - Doubled Reverse Study
It is a collaborative work in progress.

Please feel free to insert your Reverse "STATES OF's" and "In God We Trust's" where you see a fit.

VAM 19:? (RES)

  • Clashed - NO LETTERS?

This coin is (TPG #}
(NM) Note: Doubling shown below matched with another VAM-19 specimen that was reviewed by Leroy.
VAM 8: (RES)

  • Not clashed

This coin is PCGS 64

  • CLASHED w/ Letter transfer

This coin is ANACS 63
Shared Obverse with the 23?
- The Legend, Motto and Right Wreath exibit doubling.
Clashed no letter transfer
This coin is (PCGS 63)
This coin exhibits a doubled upper reverse; motto and at NITED STATE.
(Ron) To me this is a C3b reverse, which leads me to saying this is maybe a VAM-20. This is to provide another coin for study.
VAM 23: (DJC, RonH {FullImage courtesy Heritage Auctions})

  • Not clashed

Shared Obverse with the 5A?
Obverse Die Markers
- The letters are doubled on the serifs towards the rim
- There is a slight crack forming from the denticles above and through the F.
- The crack makes a hard Left turn through the center of and and across the top
- The minor crack continues from the O center across to the 2nd S.
- There is another crack ending at the top serif of the 2nd S.
- This crack continues across the top serifs of the STATES.
- This crack continues through the E here.
The coin below is ANACS 63 (DJC)
VAM-15: (DJC)
(so called 15)
*CLASHED w/o letter transfer
This coin is NGC 63
- The letters are doubled on the serifs, toward the rim, of STATES OF and In God We
- There is a crack across the top of STATES (to the F)
- There is doubling at the Bottom, Middle & Top's of the upper serifs of the F, towards the rim.
- The O is heavily doubled
- The crack across the top, from STATES to the F may have led to the "Possible" Break over the top of the O.
- This would explain the Field Displacement from S_OF, to the rim.
VAM 1E: (NM)

  • Not clashed

This coin is {TPG #}
VAM 24 (XXX)

  • Not clashed/*Clashed

This coin is (TPG #}