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=== Secondary Pick-ups===
=== Secondary Pick-ups===
<gallery mode="packed" widths=300px heights=200px style="text-align:left">
<gallery mode="packed" widths=300px heights=200px style="text-align:left">
ARS_1882_S_10.jpg|'''Polishing line neck'''
ARS_1882_S_1.jpg|'''Date position'''
ARS_1882_S_2.jpg|'''Double date'''
ARS_1882_S_5.jpg|'''Polishing lines in ear'''
ARS_1882_S_6.jpg|'''Polishing lines in ear'''
ARS_1882_S_7.jpg|'''Polishing line in eye'''
ARS_1882_S_8.jpg|'''Doubled cap top'''
= Full Coin Photos =
= Full Coin Photos =

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1882-S VAM-20 Doubled Date, S Tilted Far Left

Discovered by Bill Deterline, July 1978. Revised 2008.
20 (revised) III2 17 · C3e (Doubled Date, S Tilted Far Left) (182) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 17– Doubled date. Slightly doubled 1 at top right side of vertical shaft. Left 8 doubled right outside of lower loop. Second 8 doubled on left inside and strongly on right outside of upper loop. 2 doubled strongly at top and right outside of upper loop. Very slightly doubled top of Phrygian cap.
Reverse C3e - IV S mint mark tilted far to left and shifted slightly left. One of the farthest S tilts known for the Morgan series.

  1. This obverse shared with VAM 27.
  2. Reverse is shared with VAM 11A
  3. There is a horizontal bar across the upper half of the mint mark
  4. Doubling on the date can be very hard to see due to ejection doubling common on 1882-S


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