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1882-S VAM-16

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1882-S VAM-16 Doubled Date

Discovered by Maurice Dubreuil, February 1977.
Revised 2006
16(revised) III2 15 · C3a (Doubled Date) (186) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 15– Entire date is doubled. 1 doubled at top left of lower crossbar, first 8 on right side of both loops with die chip between loops on right side. Doubled 8 at top outside of upper loop and right outside of lower loop. Doubled 2 at top and right outside of upper loop with die chip on surface at right side of lower crossbar. Slight slant to date with 2 higher than 1.
Reverse C3a– Short striated die gouge below second tail feather from right.

1. Exact same rev die as VAM 5 - the latest die stage does not show die gouge tail feathers.
2. Strong, diagonal gouge inside top loop of first 8.

1. Photos added.
2. Photos added in September 2021.

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