1882-P VAM-5A

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1882-P VAM-5A Doubled 1, Clashed n

Discovery 2010
5A III2 5 ∙ C3a (Doubled 1, Clashed n) (180) I-2 R-5 (R-4???)
Obverse III2 5 – 1 in date doubled at top right of the stem. The 882 is partially filled at top and bottom. Closed 2 variety.
Clashed die with partial incuse of n of In from reverse showing near Liberty head neck.
Reverse C3a – Normal die



LVA Plate Photos:

Pjh1882-P1.jpg Pjh1882-P2.jpg

Additional Photos:

DJC 1882 Clashed n.jpg
Here are a couple extra markers for the VAM 5A die pair.
DJC 1882-PVAM5A 2clash Gchip.jpg DJC 1882 VAM5 G.jpg
There are a pair of distinct scratches in the Eagles right wing tip. The scratches are wearing, but are a key identifier for this reverse. These scratches are present on the VEDS (Metal in Date) VAM-5 for this particular marriage.
DJC 1882-PVAM5A revMarker1.jpg

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