1882-P VAM-35

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1882-P VAM 35 Doubled 1-2, Die Gouge M

Discovered by Nate Mailliard, November 2014
35 III2 34 - C3a (Doubled 1-2, Die Gouge M) (181) I-3 R-6
Obverse- III2 34 - Slightly doubled 1 below upper crossbar and 2 on right side of upper ball. Heavy diagonal die gouge at upper left of M in UNUM.
Reverse- C3a - Some leaves in left wreath detached from over polishing.
Die marker- fine vertical polishing line at eagle's beak.

LVA Comments:
1. "Quite a strong die gouge at M! Has unlisted dbld 1-2 in date and heavy die gouge thru M; in UNUM. Don't know how such a bold die gouge hasn't been reported before. Must be a scarce die." - Leroy Van Allen

1. [[1]]
2."Javelin"- Nate's first discovery! [[2]]

LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

The Javelin - two close up photos of discovery coin taken by Todd at BluCC Photos

Photos below are of points of interest taken from the Discovery Coin. Thank you sir for allowing me to photograph it!
The ear.
NAT 1882-P VAM35 DC ear.JPG
NAT 1882-P VAM35 DC bols.jpg
The wing-neck gap.
NAT 1882-P VAM35 DC crook.JPG
Tail Feathers
Specimen 2

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-35 Nate's First Discovery Coin Images to VAMworld courtesy ©[BluCC Photos] ATTRIBUTED BY Leroy Van Allen
Special thanks to Todd at BluCC photos for his time and dedication to the site! Thanks Todd!