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1882-P VAM-32

1882-P VAM-32 Doubled Date, Metal in 82, Doubled Upper Reverse

Discovery 2014 (Gary K.)
32 III2 31 - C3a (Doubled Date, Metal in 82, Doubled Upper Reverse ) (176) I-3 R-6
Obverse III2 31 - Doubled date with 1 very slightly below upper crossbar, left 8 at bottom outside and right outside of lower loop and left inside and right outside on surface of upper loop with chips top inside of loops, right 8 slightly at bottom outside of lower loop and 2 at right side of upper ball. Raised metal with polishing lines in lower loop of right 8 and in 2. A hub defect.
Die marker - Heavy diagonal polishing line in hair space at lower right hair vee. Rough die punch in front of eye.
Reverse C3b - Same die as VAM-21 but later die state. Doubled tops of In God We Trust and slightly bottom inside of TED STATES.
Die marker - Vertical die scratch on 2 & 3 inner feathers from bottom of eagle's left wing.

1. It is important to note the plated die markers for this variety as it is known to exist without the filled date.


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