1882-O VAM-47

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1882-O VAM-47 Doubled 1-8, Mint Mark Tilted Left

Discovered 31 July 2008

47 III2 13 - C3e (Doubled 1-8, Mint Mark Tilted Left ) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 13 - Doubled 1-8 in date. 1 is doubled on top right side of shaft. First 8 has die chip with polishing mark at top right inside of upper loop, at bottom inside of lower loop, and a small mark on left outside of upper loop. Second 8 is doubled slightly at top inside of upper loop. Both loops of 2 have die chips at lower inside.
Reverse C3e– II O mint mark tilted left.

Comments: This obverse shared with VAM-20 and VAM-47.
This reverse shared with VAM-6, VAM-16, VAM-17, VAM-17A, VAM-17B, VAM-27, VAM-28, VAM-39, and VAM-47.

LVA Plate Photos

1882-O VAM-20 Die Chips Date.jpg

Additional Photos

CFE 06-24-2013 1882-O 03.jpg
CFE 06-24-2013 1882-O 04.jpg
CFE 06-24-2013 1882-O 05.jpg
CFE 06-24-2013 1882-O 01.jpg
CFE 06-24-2013 1882-O 02.jpg

SWH 1882-O VAM-47 DATE.jpg
SWH 1882-O VAM-47 MINTMARK.jpg
Some specimens may have a die crack from the designers initial to the 5th/6th left star with 2 circular die breaks along die crack.
SWH 1882o vam47 die crack 1.jpg
Die chips in mouth
SWH 1882o vam47 die chips mouth.jpg
Some specimens may have die crack from lower hair through initial to 5th/6th left star.
SWH 1882o vam47 long die crack.jpg
Note* This obverse die is shared with VAM 20 (which has an O mintmark that is WNP (within normal parameters) ).

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin pictures are from Heritage
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