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1882-O VAM-38B

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1882-O VAM-38B Doubled 82, Clashed Obverse G. First t, t, D, Reverse M, Die Breaks N & Star

Discovered in August of 2009 by Jason Henrichsen

This coin is a Kimpton 12 and a WOW! Morgan VAM.

38B III2 4 - C3a (Doubled 82, Clashed Obverse G, First t, t, D, Reverse M, Die Breaks N & Star) (181) I-3 R-7
Obverse III2 4 - Radial die crack on left side of first right star with slightly displaced field break.

1- This variety is not as rare as the rarity number indicates. It is quite available in mint state with a little looking.

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos


Photos courtesy: Cheezhed1 (member) of Reverse Die Break BELOW. 4 photos ABOVE courtesy: Ron1883.

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photos courtesy: Tom Rogers.

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