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= Additional Photos =
= Additional Photos =
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1882-O VAM-25 Doubled 2, O/O Left

Discovered by Martin Field, March 1979.
25 III2 16 • C3l (Doubled 2, O/O Left) (181) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 16- 2 doubled on right side of knob. Die chips and polishing lines in upper loop and at bottom of lower loop of 2.
Reverse C3l - Mint mark repunched with original showing as a vertical bar on left side of loop opening but slightly more pronounced than C3i [VAM 15] with diagonal polishing lines on right side of opening. Heavy horizontal polishing lines in eagle's tail feathers and in wreath bow.


  1. VAMs 24 and 25 share the same obverse description
  2. There has been confusion with 24/25 reverse attributions


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