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(Full Coin Photos)
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= Full Coin Photos =
= Full Coin Photos =
Full Coin VAM-1H  Attributed by ...<br/>
Full Coin VAM-1H  Attributed by Bill Wolverton.<br/>
<gallery mode="slideshow">
<gallery mode="slideshow">
1881 VAM-1H obv Discovery Coin.jpg
1881 VAM-1H obv Discovery Coin.jpg|'''Obverse Discovery Coin'''
1881 VAM-1H REV. Discovery Coin.jpg
1881 VAM-1H REV. Discovery Coin.jpg|'''Reverse Discovery Coin'''
[[1881-P VAM-1H#TOP|Top]]<br />
[[1881-P VAM-1H#TOP|Top]]<br />

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1881-P VAM-1H Clashed Obverse G & T

Discovery 2020 by Bill Wolverton.

III2 1 - C3a (Clashed Obverse G & T) 180 I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 1 - Clashed die with faint partial G of God from reverse showing next to Liberty head neck plus faint clashed partial t bottom of right t in Trust in lower right hair vee.
Die marker - Diagonal die polishing lines inside and outside of ear. (Different die than VAM-1G)

Reverse C3a -



  1. LVA Discovery Letter

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Additional Photos:

1881VAM-1H t in hair vee coin rev. clash Discovery Coin.jpg

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Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM-1H Attributed by Bill Wolverton.