1881-O VAM-56

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1881- O VAM-56 - Doubled Right 1, Lower Right

Discovery 2015 HawkeEye
56 III2 37 - C3l (Doubled Right 1 Lower Right ) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 37 - Right 1 slightly doubled as notch at lower right of vertical shaft.
Die marker - Short diagonal die scratch in front of eyelash.

1. The reverse has a horizontal line in the wing-neck gap. This die is also seen with an obverse that has been called VAM 1A.
2. Same markers for VAM-58

1. [[1]]

LVA Plate Photos:

1881o vam56 1.jpg 1881o vam56 2.jpg 81O V56 plate 1.jpg

Additional Photos:

Full Coin Photos

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