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1881-O VAM-23

1881-O VAM-23 Doubled Profile, O Set Left

Discovered by Martin Field, July 1982.
23(revised) III2 17 · C3l (Doubled Profile, O Set Left) (176) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 17– First 8 has a short die chip at top left inside of upper loop.
Reverse C3l– II O mint mark centered, upright and set to left. Eagle’s right wing is over polished on some specimens.

1. Both the C3k and C3l reverses report an O mint mark set left for vams 3, 23, 32, and 35. Research is needed to determine if
this reverse is the same or different. (See die markers at the bottom of this page for comparison.)
2. VAM-35 has the same reverse as VAM 23. VAM 23 is the later die stage.
3. A third die pair using this reverse in a later stage than VAM 23 shows a clash mark on the reverse up from the wing edge and an unclashed obverse different from VAM 23.


LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

First 8 short die chip
Mint mark centered, upright and set to left
Reverse Die Markers


Full Coin Photos

From Hawkeye, Large Full Coin photo VAM-23 courtesy Variety Slabbing Service