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1880 S Dash Under 8

Specialty Category Dashed 8 Varieties

Medium S
 1880-S VAM-13 Dash Under 8, Doubled Date M
 1880-S VAM-14 Dash Under 8 M
 1880-S VAM-15 S/S Right, Dash Under 8 M
 1880-S VAM-41 Doubled 1-80 Dash 8, Tripled Right Wreath
 1880-S VAM-46 Dash Under 8, Doubled 80
 1880-S VAM-53 Doubled 1-80 Dashed 8, S Tilted Left
 1880-S VAM-68 Dash Under 8, Doubled 80, S/S M
 1880-S VAM-76 Dash Under 8, Doubled Date, S/S Right M
 1880-S VAM-95 Dash Under 8, Doubled Date, S/S Down M
  1880-S VAM-112 Doubled 880, Profile & Cap, Dashed 8, S/S Bottom Inside Loops *New 2017*
Large S Varieties
Reverse C3ad - Large VI S mint mark re-punched with faint curved line at top of upper loop opening and faint straight diagonal line at top of lower loop opening. Small die chip at bottom of right T in STATES.
 1880-S VAM-103 Doubled 880, Tiny Dash Under 8, Slight S/S *NEW 2013*