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1880 P Clashed Dies

This page is sorted by type of clashing visible on the coin

Clashed "n" only

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-16B 8/7,Doubled 80, Clashed n, Die Break E-P *New 2016*
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-29 Checkmark, Doubled 80, Clashed Obverse n (Former VAM-29A) (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)Pcgsvam.jpgNgcvam.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-29A Checkmark, Doubled 80, Clashed Obverse n (Eliminated, incorporated in VAM-29)
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-56A Doubled 1-8, Clashed Obverse n 1880-P VAM-56B Doubled 1-8-, Clashed N, Die Break Ear
1880 P VAM56 VP 3.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-61A Doubled Right 8, Clashed Obverse n
1880-P VAM-61A PLATE NECK 5 DEC 2010.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-75A Doubled 1-80, Clashed Obverse n, Doubled Wreaths
1880-P VAM-75A Plate Sep 8 2012.jpg

Clashed "s" only

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-21A Doubled Date, Stars & Motto, Clashed Obverse s

Clashed "t" only

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-18A Doubled 1-80, Clashed Obverse tFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg

Clashed "u" only

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-25A Doubled 1-80, Clashed U (Hit List 40Morgan Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
80 v25a clashed u.jpg
0510 008.JPG

Clashed "n & s

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-5A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse n & sFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1880-P VAM-5A Clashed n.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-53A 8/7 Checkmark, DDR Lower Right Reverse, Clashed Obv N (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg

Clashed "n & st" only

1880-P VAM-15B Doubled 880, Die Break Lower Cap, Clashed Obverse n & st
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-28A Doubled Second 8, Tripled 0, Clashed Obverse n & st Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1880-P VAM-47A Clashed n.jpg
1880-P VAM-47A Clashed st.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-41 8/7 checkmark,Doubled Obverse Top, Tripled Date *Revised 2015*
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-41A 8/7 Checkmark,Doubled Obverse Top, Tripled Date, Clashed n _st *New 2015*
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-57 Doubled 1-80, Clashed Obverse n & st, Doubled Wreaths
SWH 1880P VAM57 Neck.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-60A Doubled 8-0, Tripled 8,Clashed n & st
NESVT20111029 1880P 60A 01.JPG
NESVT20111029 1880P 60A 03.JPG
NESVT20111029 1880P 60A 02.JPG
Clashed "In & ust" only
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-33B Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse In & ust
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-58A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse In & st
1880-P VAM-58A PLATE PHOTO 5 OCT 2010.jpg
1880-P VAM-58A PLATE PHOTO 2 5 OCT 2010.jpg

Clashed "st" only

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-11A Doubled 880, 8/7, Clashed Obverse st (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpgNgcvam.jpg
1880-P 11A hair vee 30 jan 2011.jpg
1880 p v11a 3clashcomp1.jpg
Brian Coin 2015 1880-P VAM-41A Doubled Obverse Top, Tripled Date clashed version of the 11 which is not shared with 11a

Clashed "e m & t"

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-39A Doubled Date, Clashed Partial E & M & t, Die Break Wreath Bow (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)Pcgsvam.jpgNgcvam.jpg
1880P 39A 2.JPG
1880-P VAM 39A Clashed t.jpg

Clashed "n & st Reverse M

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-24A Doubled 1-80, Clashed Obverse n & st, Reverse M (Super CD: Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars)
1880-P VAM-24A Clashed n.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-62A Doubled 80, Die Scratch Top Cotton Leaves, Clashed Obv n & st, Clashed Reverse M
NESVT20101123 1880P 03.JPG
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-62B Doubled 80, Die Scratch Top Cotton Leaves, Clashed Obv n & st, Clashed Reverse M, Radial Die Break 3rd Left Star
NESVT20101123 1880P 03.JPG

Clashed Obverse In, e, ust, Clashed Reverse m

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-25B Doubled 1-80, Clashed Obverse In, e, ust, Clashed Reverse m('Hit List 40'Morgan Vam)
1880 P VAM 25B Clashed In.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-32A Dbld Date, Clashed Obverse In, e, ust, Rev M (Hit List 40) & (Super CD: Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars)Full-Coin CAMERA.jpgPcgsvam.jpgNgcvam.jpg
1880-P VAM-32A Clashed In1.jpg

Clashed Obverse n, We, ust, Clashed Reverse M

Camera.jpg 1880-P VAM-25C Doubled 1-80, Clashed Obverse n, We, ust, Clashed Reverse MFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1880-P VAM-25C Plate Clashed N Sep 8 2012.jpg

Clashed "s & Reverse M" only

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-31A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse s, Reverse M
1880-P VAM-31A Clashed M.jpg
1880-P VAM-31A Clashed S.jpg

Clashed Reverse "M"

Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-43 Doubled 1-0, Clashed Reverse MFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Counterclashed NO transfer
Camera.jpg1880-P VAM-50A Doubled 80 and Lower Reverse, Doubled Lips Counterclash Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
BOP 1800-P VAM-50A Counter Clashed Lips -3.jpg

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