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1880-S VAM-9

1880-S VAM-9 80/79 Ear

Discovered by Ted Clark, March 1969.
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
9 III2 5 ∙ C3e (80/79 Ear) (185) I-4 R-4
Obverse III2 5 – 80 re-punched over 79. Second 8 has raised metal in upper loop with diagonal polishing lines and faint spike at top left outside. 0 has small raised metal at top right inside. 18-0 in date slightly doubled with 1 at bottom of lower crossbar, first 8 at bottom right of lower loop and 0 at lower left inside and outside.
Reverse C3e – (Very large) VI S mint mark repunched with original showing as a spike to left top serif.

1.This obverse shared with VAM-8 and VAM-9.
2.This reverse shared with VAM-9 and VAM-23.
3.The VAM-9 and VAM-8 varieties share the same obverse die with metal remnants in the upper loop of the 2nd 8 of the date. Some view this as a diagonal marking of the 7 from an 1879 overdate. The two VAM's differ in that VAM-9 is a large S mint mark while VAM-8 has a medium S.


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Pictured here is a large S VAM-9 mint mark on the left.

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