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(1880-S VAM-47A Double Date, Die Break B)
(1880-S VAM-47A Double Date, Die Break B)
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1880-S VAM-47A Double Date, Die Break B

Discovery Dec. 2014, Brent Fogelberg
47A III2 32 - C3a (Double Date, Die Break B ) (188) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 32 - Vertical die break left side of B in LIBERTY up to wheat leaf.

1. This obverse shared with VAM-5, VAM-6, & VAM91(appears to be the same as VAM5).
2. NOTE! The 1880-S VAM47A share neither the obverse nor the reverse die with the VAM47!!
3. This reverse is shared with the 1880-S VAMs 16 & 16A.

LVA Plate Photos:


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Full Coin Photos

LFCP by VW and SD Member andywoj00.
1880S AW050618 Obv LFCP.jpg

1880S AW050618 Rev LFCP.jpg