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1880-S VAM-37B

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1880-S VAM-37B Doubled 80, Damaged Denticles

37B III2 25 ∙ C3a (187) (Doubled 80, Damaged Denticles) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 25 – Doubled 80 in date. Second 8 doubled faintly at left bottom outside of upper loop. 0 doubled faintly at left and right outside. Four damaged denticle spaces below 18 with inverted raised triangles and two diagonal polishing lines in middle.
Reverse C3a – Normal die with medium IV S mint mark (tilted slightly to the left but within tolerances - see photo on VAM-37 page).
1. This obverse shared with VAM-37, VAM-37A, VAM-37B, VAM-39, and VAM-96.
2. Later die state of VAM-37.

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

The picture below, featuring the four damaged denticles under 18, is the VAM-37B - but this photo also shows the Doubled 80 of the VAM-37.
ANACS Pop: 1 (MS-63) but some older slabs may list this as a VAM-37 (check yours!)