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1880-S VAM-34

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1880-S VAM-34 Doubled Date, S Set Left, Tripled Right Reverse

Discovered by Francis Davis, April 1974.
34(revised) III2 23 · C3m (Doubled Date, S Set Left, Tripled Right Reverse) (185) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 23 – Entire date is slightly doubled. 1 is doubled faintly below top crossbar and above bottom crossbar. First 8 is doubled on right inside of lower loop and slightly on bottom outside. Second 8 is doubled at bottom left outside of upper loop. 0 is doubled on top surface at left inside and slightly on lower right inside.
Reverse C3m – Medium IV S mint mark set to left. Outer leaves of right wreath slightly tripled towards rim. AMERICA, LLAR and right star slightly doubled towards rim.

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LFCP on loan to VAMworld courtesy of and attributed by andywoj00.
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