1880-S IV Medium S Reverses

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1880-S Medium S Reverses

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Specialty Categories
Camera.jpg1880 S Sort by S over S Type IV
Camera.jpgType IV Medium S Pitted Dies
Camera.jpg1880-S Acid Treated Die
Camera.jpg1880 S Dash Under 8
Reverse C3a - Normal die of C3 type with medium S mint mark.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-1 Medium S
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-4 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-5 Doubled 0
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-8 80/79 Ear, Doubled 18-0, Medium S (Top 100 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-12 8/7 Spiked, Doubled 188 (Hit List 40 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
80S VAM12 - ilvo 04REDUCED.JPG
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-13 Dash Under 8, Doubled Date
Sentry02 1880S-13-MM.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-14 Dash Under 8
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-16 Doubled 8
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-16A Doubled 8, Polished Obverse
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-25 Doubled Date
1880 S VAM25MMMHIDPIHOI563 (2).jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-26 Doubled 880
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-28 Doubled 880
1880-S VAM 28 Photo 2.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-37 Doubled 80
1880-S VAM 37 Photo 2.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-37A Doubled 80, Die Break Cap Rear
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-37B Doubled 80, Damaged Denticles
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-42 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-44 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-47 Doubled Date
JAH 1 1880 S mintmark 4.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-52 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-54 Doubled 80
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-55 Doubled 80, Die Chip Wreath
Sentry02 1880O-MintMark.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-55A Doubled 80, Die Chip Wreath, Pitting LAR *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-56 Doubled Date
KRJ 1880S Vunk MM 021015.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-66 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-67 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-78 Doubled Date and Phrygian Cap Top
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-79 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-91 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-94 Doubled Date
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-98 Doubled 880, Gouge 8
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-104 Double Date *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-105 Doulbed 80, Tripled Cap Top, Doubled Reverse Legend *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-106 Doubled Date *NEW 2013*
DME 1880 S V44 MM.jpg
Reverse C3d - Normal die with IV S mint mark tilted left and partially filled. Curved line in middle of lower loop and at top of upper loop
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-7 Doubled Date, S/S Loops
1880 S VAM 7 S S Loops.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-59 Doubled 88, S Tilted Left
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-61 Doubled Date, Profile, and Phrygian Cap Top , S Tilted left
Reverse C3f - IV S mint mark set high and repunched with short vertical spike extending downwards from middle of top loop opening and curved line in middle inside of lower loop opening.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-11 0/9 Medium S (Hot 50 Morgan Vam)Full-Coin CAMERA-p-n(1)-horz.jpg
Reverse C3g - Mint mark set slightly left. IV S mint mark repunched with original showing as a short vertical line at top right of upper loop opening and as a vertical curved line at very right side of lower loop opening.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-15 S/S Right, Dash Under 8
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-38 Doubled 8, S/S Right
1880-S VAM-38 mmsml.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-39 Doubled 80, Large S
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-76 Dash Under 8, Doubled Date, S/S Right
Reverse C3h - Mint mark repunched with original showing as a curved line centered inside upper loop. IV S is partially filled.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-18 S/S, Doubled 0
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-32 S/S and Doubled Date
1880-S VAM-18mm.jpg
Reverse C3i - IV S mint mark tripled with short and long vertical bars to right of upper serif.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-19 Doubled 880, S/S Tripled
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-19A Doubled 880, S/S Tripled, Clashed Obverse st
1880SVAM19 Tripled S.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-89 Doubled Date, S/S Tripled, Pitted Tail Feathers
Reverse C3j - IV S mint mark with filled top loop and diagonal shaft doubled inside lower loop.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-21 Doubled 880
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-27 Doubled 880
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-68 Dash Under 8, Doubled 80, S/S
1880-S VAM-68 S OVER S.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-75 Doubled Date, Doubled SFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Reverse C3m - IV S mint mark set to left. Outer leaves of right wreath slightly tripled towards rim. AMERICA, LLAR and right star slightly doubled towards rim.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-34 Doubled Date, S Set Left, Tripled Right Reverse
Reverse C3o - VAM-36 Eliminated same as VAM-7
Reverse C3r - IV S mint mark repunched with original showing as a curved bulge at bottom inside of upper loop and a horizontal curved line within middle lower loop.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-45 Doubled Date, S/S Up
1880-S VAM-45 mmsml.jpg
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-49 Doubled Date, S/S Up
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-51 Doubled 880, S/S Up
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-51A Doubled 880, S/S Up, Dot on S
Reverse C3s - IV S mint mark repunched showing as a horizontal line within the middle of the upper loop opening and a diagonal line at top of lower loop opening.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-50 Tripled 0, S/S Down
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-95 Dash Under 8, Doubled Date, S/S Down
Reverse C3t - Medium mint mark repunched showing as a curved diagonal line in middle of upper loop opening.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-60 Doubled Date, S/S
Reverse C3u - Medium S mint mark doubled with diagonal line at top of upper loop opening and a short horizontal line on right inside of lower loop. Mint mark is set slightly left with slight tilt to right.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-64 Doubled Date, S/S
Reverse C3x - IV S mint mark re-punched with doubling at top inside of lower loop and possible faint horizontal line in middle of upper loop. Eagle’s right wing has die chip near tip of wreath.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-41 Doubled 1-80, Tripled Right Wreath
Reverse C3z – S/S lower inside mint mark with die chip in eagle's right wing near tip of wreath.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-20 Tripled 0, S/S Lower Inside, Die Chip Wing
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-30 Doubled Date, S/S Lower Inside, Die Chip Wing
1880-S VAM 30.jpg
Reverse C3aa – IV S mint mark re-punched with faint vertical spike at top right inside of upper loop and curved line at right inside of lower loop. Partially filled loops. Polishing lines in fields. A few leaves on right wreath very slightly doubled.
Camera.jpg1880-S VAM-82 Doubled Date, S/S Lower Right