1880-P VAM-16

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1880-P VAM-16 8/7 Checkmark, Doubled 80

Discovered by Bill Fivaz, June 1973. Revised by Jim Longe 2016
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
16 (revised) III2 16 ∙ C3a (8/7 Checkmark, Doubled 80) (179) I-3 R-4
Obverse III2 16 – Lower serif of 7 is on surface of left side of upper loop of right 8 in the form of a check mark. Doubled right 8 on lower left outside
of upper loop, and 0 at top left and right outside.
Die marker- Two faint diagonal die scratches thru E of LIBERTY
Reverse C3a – Normal die.

1. There is a gouge on the jaw line onto the neck that is present on proof like thru the radial crack 16A.The clashing may be the cause of the radial crack on the 16A.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Checkmark on the 8:
1880-P VAM-16 Checkmark.jpg
Die gouges E of LIBERTY (may not be present on all coins):
1880-P VAM-16 E of LIBERTY.jpg
Forehead marker:
1880-P VAM-16 Forehead marker.jpg
Gouge that is present on prooflike 16's and 16A's and 16B's
1880-P VAM-1616A Tekkie Jaw gouge 18 july 2011.JPG

Full Coin Photos

2 full coin copyrighted© VAM-16 images below on loan to VAMworld courtesy of oldcollectorcoins and attributed by Brian Raines