1880-O VAM-78

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1880-O VAM-78 O/O High. Die Gouge Hair, Over Buffed Reverse

Discovered by Patrick Fischer 2016, Revised by Nate Mailliard 2016
78 (revised) III2 55 · C3s (O/O High. Die Gouge Hair, Over Buffed Reverse) (176) I-4 R-6
Obverse III 2 55 - Slightly doubled 80 with right 8 at top outside as two notches and 0 at lower left inside as a notch. Short horizontal die gouge in hair gap right of jaw neck junction rear. Faint curved threadlike impression above I in LIBERTY.
Die marker - Two vertical die scratches left of lower hair curl and a long vertical polishing line left of ear.
Reverse C3s - II O mint mark centered with doubled top inside and some die chips at lower inside. Extreme die roughness in left, top and lower fields from over polished and buffed die at left wreath, UNITED, left star, ONE, DOL, O mint mark, eagle's left wing and arrow heads.
Die marker - Some diagonal polishing lines at top inside of wreath bow. Some fine die scratches in both wings middle. One of most extreme example of over polished/buffed early Morgan Dollar reverse die.

LVA Comments:
1. WOW! 1880-O VAM 78 EDS example is really over polished and buffed on reverse!
2. Likely didn't use rev die very long as was so messed up! One of the most extreme examples of over-polished/buffed rev dies on early Morgan $.

1. LVA saw both specimens within a couple of weeks. They are the same die pairing, but 2 different die states with the revision coin being much more Extreme than the original discovery coin.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:


Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photos of VAM-78 Discovery Coin by Pat Fischer and ATTRIBUTED BY LVA

'2016 Revision Coin: From Metalencephalon, Large Full Coin Photos of VAM-78 EDS Images by MessyDesk@VSS and Attribution By 'Leroy Van Allen