1880-O VAM-61

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1880-O VAM-61 Doubled 880, Motto, Some Stars, Alligator Eye, Small O

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie March 2006.
Eliminated same as VAM-21 per update.
61 III244 · C3a (Doubled 880, Motto, Some Stars, Alligator Eye, Small O) (176) I-3 R-5
Obverse III244– Doubled 880. Slightly doubled first 8 at top and right inside of lower loop, second 8 at lower left outside of upper loop and 0 at lower left inside. E PLURIBUS UNUM doubled fairly strongly at top of letters and 7 left star and 4-6 right stars towards rim. Slightly doubled hair front, LIBERTY band front and upper nose profile. Die scratch eye front giving appearance of alligator eye.
Reverse C3a– Slight doubling of A-F-AMERI and top leaf cluster of right wreath towards rim.
1880-O VAM-61-Dbld 880.jpg
1880-O VAM-61 Dbld Motto.jpg
1880-O VAM-61 Die Gouge Eye.jpg
1880-O-VAM-61 Dbld Legend.jpg
1880-O VAM-61 gator-eye.jpg