1880-O VAM-11B

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1880-O VAM-11B Dash under 88, Doubled 188, Clashed Reverse Single M

Discovery 2015 by Peter Hohnstein
11B III 2 8 - C3p - (Dash under 88, Doubled 188, Clashed Reverse Single M) I-3 R-6
Obverse III 2 8 - No die clash marks or letters
Reverse C3p - Clashed die with single clashed M from obverse showing above d in God. Later die state than VAM-6C but earlier than VAM-11A.

LVA Comments:
VAM 11B designation as per LVA. As we thought it is an earlier die state of the VAM 11B where the VAM 6C reverse was married with the VAM 11 obverse. With another clashing episode the VAM 11A was created. He did mention a "remote possibility that has a 8/7 check mark, but would have to see EDS unc coin to confirm/deny and get good photos." earlier die state than the of the VAM 11A.


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