1879-S VAM-88

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1879-S VAM-88 Engraved wreath Leaves

Discovery 2014 Brian Raines, June 20, 2014
88 lll 2 1* C3af(Engraved wreath Leaves) 184) R-5
Obverse lll2 1 Slightly doubled left inside of R top loop of PLURIBUS and left outside of 9 upper loop. Die chips in denticles below 18.
Die marker- Couple horizontal polishing lines below earlobe.

Reverse C3af- IV s Mint mark tilted very slightly to left. Engraving to strengthen on some outside and middle leaf ends in left opposite ON & U.
Die marker- Diagonal polishing lines in wreath bow.

1. "New Vam 88. Unlisted engraved couple left wreath leaves. Slightly dbld R in PLURIBUS & die chips below 18 not enough to list as a new variety obverse. Not much else going on obv or rev. " -LVA

1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/79196160

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