1879-S VAM-87

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1879-S VAM-87

Discovery 2014 Brian Raines, June 20, 2014
87 lll 2 44*C3ae(Doubled R, Engraved Wreath Leaves, S/S Line Far Rt.) (184) I-3 R-6
Obverse lll 2 44 - Doubled top left inside bar in R of PLRIBUS. Die marker-Vertical polishing line at left side of R in Liberty.
Reverse C3ae - Centered IV S mintmark doubled with very thin lines at extreme right inside of both loops. Hub doubling same as C3b of 1878P but different than 1878P dies. Doubled UNITED STATES & ICA of AMERICA at bottom inside, IN at top, top of right edge of eagle's right wing and left edge of some leaves in both wreaths doubled and tripled. Engraving to strengthen on some outside and middle leaf ends in left wreath opposite ON, U, and IT. Some doubled leaves in left wreath.
LVA Comments:

  1. From Leroy Van Allen, New VAM 87. Yes, has unlisted dbld R in PLURIBUS, new S/S, new hub doubled rev and unlisted engraved leaves. Quite a lot going on (on) this coin!


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