1879-S VAM-85

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1879-S VAM-85

Discovery 2013 Brent Fogelberg
85 (revised) III2 42 - C3a (Doubled 879 & Tops of Cotton Bolls & Leaves, Chin & Jaw ) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 42 - Slight doubling on 879 with 8 at top inside of lower loop with some extra metal at the top and bottom inside of lower loop, 7 at lower serif point on crossbar and 9 on the left outside of upper loop. Slight doubling on tops of cotton bolls and leaves and Liberty head chin and jaw.
Die marker - Short curved line above designer's initial M.
Reverse C3a - IV S mintmark slightly tilted to left. Small die chip on left wreath leaf opposite N in UNITED.



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Jv 1879 s obv v85 ns 05-23-17.jpg Jv 1879 s obv v85 ns 05-23-17(1).jpg

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