1879-S VAM-36

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1879-S VAM-36 Polished 8, Cootie Impression on Jaw, S/S Tilted Left

Discovered by Jay Galst, February 1980.
Revised 2011.
36(revised) III2 1 · C3g (Polished 8, Cootie Impression on Jaw, S/S Tilted Left) (184) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 1 – Polishing lines within loops of 8 with slightly doubled left inside of lower loop. Thread-like impression at back of jaw in shape of body louse or cootie. (Same die as VAM-1F.)

Reverse C3g – Early die states show vertical polishing lines in fields. IV S mint mark slightly doubled at left inside of upper loop. Vertical die gouge at lower inside of eagle's left wing.

1- Interesting R-5 variety that features a winding, thread-like impression at the rear of Liberty's jaw.
2- The date is in the normal position but the 8 shows polishing within its loops. The mint mark is set left and tilted left. A [thread] on reverses of this VAM-36.
3- Intermediate pairing stage for the cootie obverse. Earliest was VAM 79. This was followed by the VAM-1F1/1F2 pairing.
4- VAM-19 and VAM-36 have a shared Obverse except VAM-19 does NOT have cootie Die impression

LVA Plate Photos:

1879-S VAM 36 Cootie Die Impression1.jpg 1879-S VAM 36 Cootie Die Impression.jpg
IMG-0.jpg 1879-S VAM 36 Polishing Lines in 8.jpg

Additional Photos:

Polishing Lines In Bow

Full Coin Photos

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