1879-S VAM-33A

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1879-S VAM-33A

Discovery July 2016
33A III2 17 ∙ C3k (Doubled 18-9 & Right Reverse, S Set Right, Over Polished Lower Reverse) (182) I-3 R-5
Reverse C3k – Severely over polished lower reverse with parts of wreath bow missing and some disconnected leaves in lower wreaths. Acid treatment of leaves in left wreath mostly removed. (Same reverse die as former VAM-71A.)

LVA Plate Photos

1879-S VAM-33A PLATE PHOTO1 30 JULY 2016.jpg
Images moved from VAM-71A

Additional Photos

NM 1879-S VAM-33A Obv MDS.jpg
NM 1879-S VAM-33A Rev MDS.jpg
NM 1879-S VAM-33A Obv LDS.jpg
NM 1879-S VAM-33A Rev LDS.jpg