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1879-S VAM-18

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1879-S VAM-18 Doubled Date, S Tilted Left, Polishing Lines Liberty Head

Discovered by Leonard Hinckley, February 1974.
Revised 2017 by LD Lane aka ChiefRet.
18 (revised) III2 9 ∙ C3b (Doubled Date, S Tilted Left, Polishing Lines Liberty Head) (183) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 9 Doubled date with 1 at top left as two notches, 8 at left inside and bottom right outside, 7 below upper crossbar, and 9 at left outside of both loops. Beveled field polishing at neck-jaw junction, lips, ribbon right end and cap fold junction. Extensive die polishing lines on Liberty head. Die marker - Heavy die polishing lines at upper hair curl.

Reverse C3b – Centered IV S mint mark tilted to left.
Die marker - Die polishing lines at wing-neck gap.

1. This obverse die was used on VAM-17, VAM-18, and VAM-18A


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1 in the date doubled at top right

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