1879-S VAM-103

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1879-S VAM-103

Discovery July 10, 2017, Brian Raines 103 III2 54 - C3an (Double Date, Cap Top, Right Wreath, Engraved Leaves ) (1884) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 54 - Double date with 1 at top as two notches and upper right of vertical shaft, 8 at lower left outside of both loops with die chips on lower loop, 7 at left side of upper crossbar and lower right of vertical shaft and 9 at left outside of upper loop. Double Phrygian cap top, UNU and slightly of profile nose and lips. Die marker - Heavy diagonal polishing lines at designer's initials M.
Revers C3an - Slightly doubled outside edge of leaves in right wreath and AMERICA towards rim. Engaved touch-up lines on two leaves above N in ONE. Small raised dot at eagle's left wing middle edge.

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