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1879-S Reverses of 79

1879-S Reverse of 1879, Slanted Arrow Feather, Short Nock

C3a - Mint mark centered and upright
  1879-S VAM-1 Normal Die, Closed 9
  1879-S VAM-1A Polished 8
  1879-S VAM-1B Hair Ribbon  
  1879-S VAM-1C Pitted Face 
  1879-S VAM-1D Clashed st
  1879-S VAM-1E Acid treated Obverse Die
  1879-S VAM-1F Polished 8, Cootie Impression on Jaw 
 1879-S VAM-1G Over Polished Eagle's Head eliminated same as VAM-70
 1879-S VAM-2 Open 9
 1879-S VAM-16 Double 9
  1879-S VAM-16B Doubled 9, Polished Reverse
 1879-S VAM-20 Doubled 18
 1879-S VAM-26 Doubled 879, Thread-Like Impression Eye 
 1879-S VAM-28 Doubled 1-9
 1879-S VAM-29 Doubled 9 and Right Obverse
 1879-S VAM-32 Doubled 9
 1879-S VAM-38 Doubled 879
 1879-S VAM-40 Doubled 18-9
 1879-S VAM-41 Doubled Stars and Date
 1879-S VAM-44 Possible 7 in Denticles, Doubled 87, Sextupled Stars
 1879-S VAM-48 Doubled Date, Tripled Stars & Motto 1 and 2 gouges on D
 1879-S VAM-48A Doubled Date, Tripled Stars & Motto, Beauty Mark Die Chip  
 1879-S VAM-55 Doubled 87
 1879-S VAM-63 Doubled Lower Hair
 1879-S VAM-64 Doubled 87
 1879-S VAM-70 Open 9, Overpolished Eagle's Head
 1879-S VAM-76 Doubled/Quadrupled 187 & Stars
 1879-S VAM-76A Doubled/Quadrupled 187 & Stars, Die Break below 9
 1879-S VAM-78 Doubled 7 & URI, Acid Treated Left Wreath Leaves
 1879-S VAM-85 Doubled 879 & Tops of Cotton Bolls & Leaves *NEW 2013*
C3b - S Tilted Left
 1879-S VAM-3 Doubled 9
 1879-S VAM-18 Doubled Date
 1879-S VAM-18A Doubled Date, S Tilted Left, Obverse Polishing Lines
 1879-S VAM-22 Doubled Date
 1879-S VAM-27 Doubled Date
 1879-S VAM-69 Doubled Date & Stars, S Tilted Right
 1879-S VAM-73 Doubled 189, S Tilted Left, Die Chips Below 18
 1879-S VAM-79 Cootie Impression on Jaw, S Tilted Left
C3c - S/S Left
 1879-S VAM-11 S/S Left
 1879-S VAM-12 S/S Left  
 1879-S VAM-12A S/S Left, Die File Line Tail Feathers  
C3d - S/S Right
 1879-S VAM-13 S/S Right
 1879-S VAM-53 Doubled 87, S/S Right
C3e - S/S Middle
  1879-S VAM-14 S/S Middle
 1879-S VAM-68 Doubled 7, S/S Middle, Polished Reverse
C3f - S/S
 1879-S VAM-15 Double 18 and S/S 
 1879-S VAM-17 Doubled Date and S/S
 1879-S VAM-54 Doubled 9, S/S Right
C3g - S/S Tilted Left
 1879-S VAM-19 S/S Tilted Left
 1879-S VAM-36 Polished 8, Cootie Impression on Jaw, S/S Tilted Left  
C3h - S/S High
 1879-S VAM-21 Doubled Date, S/S High
C3i - S/S Far Left
 1879-S VAM-30 S/S Far Left No MM
C3j - S Set Left
 1879-S VAM-31 Doubled 879, S Set Left No MM
C3k - S Set Right
 1879-S VAM-33 Doubled 18-9, S Set Right
 1879-S VAM-71 S Set Right, Over Polished reverse
C3l - S/S Line
 1879-S VAM-37 S/S Line 
C3m - S/S Bar Top Loop
 1879-S VAM-45 S/S Bar Top Loop, Over Polished Dies, Acid Treated Left Wreath
 1879-S VAM-45A S/S Bar Top Loop, Over Polished Dies, Acid Treated Left Wreath, Die Break 7
C3n - Doubled Right Reverse
 1879-S VAM-47 Doubled Date, Sextupled Stars, Doubled Right Reverse
C3o - S/S Far Right
 1879-S VAM-49 Doubled Date, S/S Far Right
C3p - Over Polished Wreath Bow
 1879-S VAM-57 Open 9, Over Polished Wreath Bow
C3q - Doubled Top Reverse
 1879-S VAM-58 Doubled Top Reverse
C3r - S/S Lower Loop Tilted Left
 1879-S VAM-59 Doubled 879, S/S Lower Loop Tilted Left
C3s - Doubled Lower Reverse
 1879-S VAM-60 Quadrupled Stars & Date, Doubled Lower Reverse
C3t - Tripled Left Wreath
 1879-S VAM-61 Doubled 8, Sextupled Stars, Tripled Left Wreath
C3u - Over Polished Lower Reverse
 1879-S VAM-62 Doubled Profile, Over Polished Lower Reverse
C3v - Doubled Right reverse
 1879-S VAM-72 Doubled date and Right reverse
C3w - Overpolished Lower Reverse
 1879-S VAM-74 Engraved Tailfeather, Over Polished Reverse
  1879-S VAM-16A Double 9, Gouge in Bow
 1879-S VAM-65 Open 9, Gouge in Bow
 1879-S VAM-75 Doubled Profile, Bulging Stars, Gouge in Bow, Over Polished Reverse.
 1879-S VAM-80 Doubled Date, Tripled Stars, Acid Treated Lower Hair & Wreath
 1879-S VAM-81 Gouge M, Engraved Wreath Leaves
 1879-S VAM-82 S Set High & Left, Engraved Wreath Leaves
 1879-S VAM-83 Open 9, Engraved Wreath Leaves *NEW 2012*
 1879-S VAM-84 Doubled 7, Engraved Wreath Leaves *NEW 2013*