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1879-P VAMs

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1879-P VAMs

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Official Listing
 1879-P VAM-1 Closed 9
 1879-P VAM-1C Thread-Like Impression Forehead 
 1879-P VAM-1D Die Gouges Upper Tail Feathers  
 1879-P VAM-2 Open 9
 1879-P VAM-3 Doubled 879
 1879-P VAM-4 Doubled 187
 1879-P VAM-5 Doubled Date 
  1879-P VAM-6 Doubled 79
 1879-P VAM-7 Doubled 9 *Revised 2017*
 1879-P VAM-7A Doubled 9, Clashed Obverse In, t
 1879-P VAM-7B Doubled 9, Gouge Eagle's Beak
 1879-P VAM-7C Doubled 9, Over Polished Jaw and Lower Hair *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-8 Doubled 1-79
  1879-P VAM-9 Doubled 8-9
 1879-P VAM-10 Doubled 1
 1879-P VAM-11 Doubled 7
 1879-P VAM-12 Doubled Date, Tripled 1  
 1879-P VAM-13 Doubled 18-9
 1879-P VAM-14 Doubled 879, Doubled Top Reverse
 1879-P VAM-14A Doubled 879, Clashed Obverse n
 1879-P VAM-15 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-16 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-17 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-18 Doubled 187
 1879-P VAM-19 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-20 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-20A Doubled Date, Die Scratches Lower Hair
 1879-P VAM-21 Doubled Date and Wreaths
 1879-P VAM-22 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-23 Doubled Date and Olive Leaves
 1879-P VAM-24 Doubled 1-9
 1879-P VAM-24A Doubled 1-9, Clashed Obverse n
 1879-P VAM-25 Doubled Date _ Reverse Legend  
 1879-P VAM-26 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-27 Doubled 879, Doubled Lower Right Reverse *Revised 2017*
 1879-P VAM-27A Doubled 879, Clashed Obverse n, t, Reverse M
 1879-P VAM-28 Doubled 8-9
 1879-P VAM-29 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-30 Doubled 879
 1879-P VAM-30A Doubled 879, Clashed Obverse e, Reverse M
 1879-P VAM-31 Doubled Reverse (Proof) 
 1879-P VAM-32 Doubled 1-79
 1879-P VAM-33 Doubled 8-9, Pitted Left Wreath
 1879-P VAM-34 Doubled 9 and Reverse Lettering
 1879-P VAM-34A Doubled 9 and Reverse Lettering, Clashed us
 1879-P VAM-35 Doubled Date _ Stars, Doubled Wreaths
 1879-P VAM-36 Sextupled Stars and Motto, Doubled Profile, Date
 1879-P VAM-37 Doubled 187, Pitted Lower Reverse
 1879-P VAM-37A Doubled 187, Pitted Lower Reverse, clashed obverse e
 1879-P VAM-38 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-39 Quadrupled Stars, Doubled 1
 1879-P VAM-40 Doubled Date and Ear
 1879-P VAM-41 Worm Eye, Doubled Date, Stars _ Right Wreath  
 1879-P VAM-42 Doubled Date and Reverse
 1879-P VAM-43 Thread in Hair Front, Tripled 8, Doubled Lower Right Reverse
 1879-P VAM-44 Die Polishing Lines in Ear, Doubled Lower Right Reverse
 1879-P VAM-45 Doubled Phrygian Cap
 1879-P VAM-46 Doubled Phrygian Cap _ Reverse Peripheral
 1879-P VAM-47 Doubled 18-9, Quadrupled Stars, Doubled Wreaths _ Arrowheads *Revised 2017*
 1879-P VAM-48 Doubled 8-9, Doubled Lower Right Reverse  
 1879-P VAM-49 Doubled 9, Doubled Left Reverse
 1879-P VAM-49A Doubled 9 _ Left Reverse, Clashed Obverse n  
 1879-P VAM-50 Doubled 9 Both Loops
 1879-P VAM-50-1 Doubled 9 Both Loops, Thread-Like Impression Eye  
 1879-P VAM-50-2 Doubled 9 Both Loops, Line Thru RT
 1879-P VAM-50A Doubled 9, Clashed Obverse n
 1879-P VAM-51 Doubled Hair Above Ear
 1879-P VAM-52 Doubled 9, Clashed Obverse n
 1879-P VAM-53 Doubled Profile, Doubled Left Reverse
 1879-P VAM-53A Doubled Profile, Doubled Left Reverse, Pitting Above O  
 1879-P VAM-54 Doubled 18-9 and Reverse Wreaths  
 1879-P VAM-55 Doubled 1-9 _ Motto
 1879-P VAM-55A Doubled 1-9 _ Motto, Clashed Obverse n  
 1879-P VAM-56 Quadrupled Right Stars, Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-57 Doubled Date _ Top of Phrygian Cap
 1879-P VAM-57A Doubled Date _ Top of Phrygian Cap, Denticle Impressions on Reverse
 1879-P VAM-58 Doubled Profile, Die Gouges Ear _ Hair, Doubled Lower Right Reverse
 1879-P VAM-59 Doubled 879, Die Scratch E of LIBERTY 
 1879-P VAM-60 Doubled 879, Double Top Reverse
 1879-P VAM-61 Doubled 79, Tripled 8, Scribbling on Face
 1879-P VAM-62 Doubled 1-9, Tripled/Quadrupled Stars *Revised 2017*
 1879-P VAM-63 Doubled Date,Doubled Lower Reverse  
 1879-P VAM-64 Doubled Date, Scribbling on Face, Doubled Eye
 1879-P VAM-65 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-65A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse n _ st  
 1879-P VAM-66 Doubled Date
 1879-P VAM-66A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse st, Clashed reverse M
 1879-P VAM-67 Doubled Obverse Motto, Cap Top _ Date, Doubled Lower Right Reverse
 1879-P VAM-68 Doubled 7 and Forehead
 1879-P VAM-69 Doubled 18, Thread-like Impression IB
 1879-P VAM-70 Doubled Date, Profile, Doubled Lower Right Reverse  
 1879-P VAM-71 Doubled 879 _ Reverse
 1879-P VAM-71A Doubled 879 _ Reverse, Clashed Obverse n
 1879-P VAM-72 Doubled Date _ Cap Top
 1879-P VAM-73 Doubled 1-79 _ Phrygian Cap Top
 1879-P VAM-73A Doubled 1-79 _ Phrygian Cap Top, Clashed Obverse n 
 1879-P VAM-74 Doubled Date, Pitted Obverse _ Reverse
 1879-P VAM-75 Doubled 879 Metal Below 18  
 1879-P VAM-76 Doubled 18 and Phrygian Cap  
 1879-P VAM-77 Doubled 9, Forehead, and Phrygian Cap Top
 1879-P VAM-78 Doubled Date, Dot on 8, Thread-like Impression Wing
 1879-P VAM-79 Doubled 879 _ Phrygian Cap
 1879-P VAM-80 Doubled 9 _ Reverse Peripheral
 1879-P VAM-81 Doubled 1-9, Tripled 8
 1879-P VAM-82 Doubled Profile, Cap Top _9
 1879-P VAM-85 Doubled 79, Die Scratches Liberty Head *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-86 Doubled 8-9 _ Profile *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-87 Doubled 79, Doubled Lower Right Reverse *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-88 Doubled 879 *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-89 Quadrupled 1, Doubled 79, Profile, Cap _ Lower Right Reverse *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-90 Doubled 187, Tripled 9, Doubled Lower Right Reverse *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-91 Doubled 1-79, Tripled stars, Indented Jaw, Over Polished Hair *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-92 Doubled Date, Doubled Lower Right Reverse *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-92A Doubled Date, Doubled Lower Right Reverse, Clashed Obverse n *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-93 Doubled 9 and Cap Top *New 2017*
 1879-P VAM-94 Doubled Date *New 2018*

Past Assignments
 1879-P VAM-1A (Eliminated, became VAM-37)
 1879-P VAM-1B Clashed Obverse n (Eliminated, became VAM-55A)
 1879-P VAM-83 Doubled 18-9, Quadrupled Stars   (Eliminated, became VAM 47 revised)
 1879-P VAM-84 Doubled 1-9, Tripled/Quadrupled Stars   (Eliminated became VAM 62 revised)
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