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(1879-P VAM-32 Doubled 1-79)
(1879-P VAM-32 Doubled 1-79)
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'''Reverse C3a''' – Normal die<br />
'''Reverse C3a''' – Normal die<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''Comments:''' ''' Appears to be a duplicate listing of VAM 82!'''<br />
'''Threads:''' <br />
'''Threads:''' <br />

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1879-P VAM-32 Doubled 1-79

Discovered by Martin Field, August 1982.
32 III2 30 ∙ C3a (Doubled 1-79) (179) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 30 – Doubled 1-79 in date. 1 doubled below crossbar as a notch, on lower right side of shaft and below lower crossbar as notch on left side and notch on right end. 7 doubled slightly on lower right side of vertical shaft. 9 doubled on left outside of upper loop.
Reverse C3a – Normal die

Comments: Appears to be a duplicate listing of VAM 82!


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Here are a couple reverse die markers worth noting. The lower left wing is also slightly overpolished where it meets the eagle's body.
1879-P-32-jbc-rev1.jpg 1879-P-32-jbc-rev2.jpg

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