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= Full Coin Photos =
= Full Coin Photos =
Full Coin VAM-117 <br/>
Full Coin VAM-117 <br/>
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1879-P VAM-117 Obverse.JPG
1879-P VAM-117 Reverse.JPG
[[1879-P VAM-117#TOP|Top]]<br />
[[1879-P VAM-117#TOP|Top]]<br />

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Doubled 8-9

1879-P VAM-117 Doubled 8-9

Discovered by vampicker, 2021.

III2 105 - C3a (Doubled 8-9 ) 179 I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 102 - Doubled 8-9with 8 showing short spike at top right inside of lower loop and 9 at left outside of both loops.
Die marker - Horizontal die polishing line bottom of RT in LIBERTY.

Reverse C3a - Tiny die chips on right leaf end at top of left wreath. Up to six die clash marks on obverse and reverse on some die states.


1. LVA Discovery Letter.

LVA Plate Photos:

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Additional Photos:

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Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM-117