1879-O VAM-41A

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1879-O VAM-41A Doubled 87 and Lower Reverse, Rusted Die Obverse

Discovered by Laurence Galbraith, April 2006. Revised 2011.
41A (revised) III2 13 · C3p (Doubled 87 and Lower Reverse, Rusted Die Obverse) (176) I-3 R-3
Obverse III2 13 – Small raised dots at 1-3 left and 1-3 right stars, upper neck edge, above cap top, R in PLURIBUS and middle rear hair.
Reverse C3p –Same hub doubling as in VAM 40 C3o but die marker of polishing lines around olive leaves. Raised dot in middle of eagle's left wing.
II O mint mark with slight tilt to left.

  1. An even larger patch of pitting is present, yet unlisted, located halfway between the eye and ear. Another patch is present just to the left of the R of PLURIBUS. At most, these additional features would warrant a revision as soon as Leroy sees a specimen and takes plate photos but are likely present on all specimens since pitting at the neck appears to identical to the stage in the plate photos below.
  2. Later die state of VAM-41.
  3. This obverse shared with VAM-19 , VAM-41 and VAM-41A


LVA Plate Photos

1879-O VAM-41A Die Pitting.jpg

Additional Photos

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Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM 41A Images © Mhomei, used with permission