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1878-S VAM-7

1878-S VAM-7 Doubled LIBERTY & Wheat Leaves, Engraved Wing Feather

Discovered by George Mallis, March 1968. Revised 2012.
7(revised) II 6 · B2i (Doubled LIBERTY & Wheat Leaves, Engraved Wing Feather) (184) I-3 R-4
Obverse II 6– Doubled top left of Liberty head including LIBERTY with shift down, hair below LIBERTY, wheat leaves and kernels on right side and top two cotton leaves on right side. Heavy polishing lines in front of LIBERTY head profile on some specimens. Fourth right star broken. Horizontal line left of ear with dot inside ear. (Also VAM-24.)
Reverse B2i–

1. The reverse shares the same die as VAM-46 and VAM-5 which have the R in TRUST broken and a uniquely engraved wing feather where it attaches to the body.

1. [[1]]

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Broken R of TRUST





Example with polishing lines on obverse and over polished wings.
NOT on all specimens










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