1878-S VAM-43

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1878-S VAM-43 Engraved Wing Feather

Discovered by Martin Field, January 1980. Revised Sept. 2012
43 (revised) II1-B2r (Engraved Wing Feather) (185) I-2 R-3
Obverse II1 - Die 1 - Slightly doubled L at bottom and R on left side of PLURIBUS plus below top left serifs of left U in UNUM. Left point of 4th right star completely missing. Die chip on E of E PLURIBUS. Fairly EDS shows long die crack from top right of 1 in date over thru lower hair up to field behing cap bottom likely leading to early die retirement.
Die marker - Tiny chip and long vertical polishing line below cap fold.
Die 2 - Raised polished areas inside loops of first 8 and wheat stalks with horizontal bar in 8 lower loop. Die chip on E of E. PLURIBUS.
Reverse B2r- EDS with Die 1 without roughness at top of engraved wing feather, but has some fine lines at left feather.
Later die state with obverse Die 2 has roughness on engraved wing feather and middle of wings over polished. Long vertical thread-like line at bottom of eagle's left wing. Die gouge or engraved line at top of eagle's right wing-body.

1. Reverse used with VAM-24, VAM-30 , and 43.
2. r in TRUST not broken

1. Link to heritage Photo of coin registered as an 82

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