1878-S VAM-20

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1878-S VAM-20 Concave Obverse, Engraved Wing Feather

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, June 1977.
20 II15-B2o (Concave Obverse, Engraved Wing Feather) (184) I-3 R-3
Obverse II 15 - Field slightly concave, Fourth star right is broken. Die chips on surface of E. R in TRUST is not broken.

1. VAM's VAM-16, 20 and, VAM-28 share the same reverse classification.
2. This obverse die the II15 was used for VAM-103 Die #3, VAM-101, VAM-83, VAM-49 VAMs 103.3 and 49 are the same die pair, with an acid treatment to create the V49


LVA Plate Photos:

1878-S VAM-20 Eng Wing Feather.jpg

Additional Photos:


1878 S VAM20 MHIHER8263OBV-crop-crop.jpg

Full Coin Photos

2 Sets of Large Full Coin Photos
By Mitch Hill, Coin VAM-20 Images photographed and ATTRIBUTED BY John Baumgart @ Variety Slabbing Service.jpg