1878-S VAM-1D

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1878-S VAM-1D1 Doubled D, Lines in Tail Feathers

Discovered by Michael Fey, March 2002.
This coin is a Top 30 1878-S Variety.
1D(revised) II 1 · B2a (Doubled D, Scratches in Tail Feathers) (185) I-3 R-5
Obverse II 1–
Die markers– Heavy diagonal polishing lines in LIBER and two vertical lines in front of eye. Point of fourth right star broken. (Same as VAM-106.)
Reverse B2a– Slightly doubled D in DOLLAR on left side and at bottom. Diagonal die scratches in lower part of eagle’s tail feathers, thru lower top berry in left wreath, middle of eagle’s right wing and long vertical line in lower part of eagle’s right wing next to feather ends. (Same as VAM-73.) (Formerly VAM 1)

1. The VAM-73 also shares the same reverse die with VAM-1D. However, the VAM-73 has a double eyelid and a small spike in front of Liberty's eye. The VAM-1D does not have these features.
2. Heavy diagonal polishing lines in lower part of eagle’s tail feathers and thru first top berry in left wreath.


LVA Plate Photos:

1878-S VAM-1D Gouges TF.jpg 1878-S VAM-1D Dbld D.jpg

Additional Photos:

Large die gouges in eagle's tail feathers
1878S 1D 1.JPG
The die gouge extends into the wreath
1878S 1D 2.JPG
D in DOLLAR is doubled
1878S 1D 3.JPG
Die polishing lines can be seen in LIBERTY
1878S 1D 4.JPG

Full Coin Photos

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