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The Five Different Reverse Types of the 1878-P Morgan Dollar


1878-P Morgan Dollar
How to properly attribute your 1878-P Morgan Dollar VAMs

(Attributing 1878-P VAMs)

1878-P VAM Stats

(For all 5 Reverse types )

1. 1878-P 8 Tail Feathers 1. Mintage: 10,443,300 (Courtesy of PCGS Coin Facts)
2. 1878-P 7/8 Tail Feathers 2. Proof Mintage: 800 (Courtesy of PCGS Coin Facts)
3. 1878-P 7 Tail Feathers B1 Long Nock 3. Die Pairs: 92 (Source: Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint)
4. 1878-P 7TF B2 Short Nock 4. Die Study completed: Yes.
5. 1878-P 7TF Reverse of 79 5. One Rotated Die: