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1878-P VAM-86

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1878-P VAM-86 Doubled LIBERTY, Wheat Leaves & Grains, Disconnected Leaves

Discovery Nov 2010 by Larry Briggs.
86 II/I 6 - B1h (Doubled LIBERTY, Wheat Leaves & Grains, Disconnected Leaves) (180) I-3 R-6
Obverse II/I 6 - Later stage than VAM-80.
Reverse B1h - Die over polished with three left leaves disconnected from olive branch and middle of eagle's left wing missing.
Die marker - Numerous fine short die scratches at top of eagle's left wing just below 'st' of 'trust' and at right side of eagle's left leg.

1. Further study of additional examples has revealed the obverse is a later stage than the VAM 80 marriage. Obverse clashmarks are clearly visible in several locations from the VAM 80 reverse die. As these same marks are on the VAM 22, all VAM 86 have clashed obverses.
2. The obverse has the pattern of die cracks found on VAM 22, but they are clearly not as advanced as what is seen on the VAM 22B stage. The obverse progression is most likely VAM-85, VAM-80, VAM-80A, VAM-86 VAM-22A, VAM-22B
3. Latest Discoveryof B1 Varieties, shortly after VAM-85


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

The familiar pattern of polishing lines in LIBERTY identifies this specific obverse in all stages
The obverse is clashed, with marks evident in several locations
Crack pattern at wing tip
Thin crack between DO of DOLLAR is clearly higher than those found on VAMs 80 and 85.
Repunching on D of DOLLAR is slightly below hub break.

Full Coin Photos

Full coin photos by John Baumgart of   of 'Gary Voyles''s PCGS AU58

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3rd Specimen ANACS 45
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10th Raw 30-35