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1878-P VAM-84 Washed Out L, Broken D

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965.
84 II/I 12 - B1e (Washed Out L, Broken D) (180) I-3 R-4
Obverse II/I 12- Slightly doubled LIBERTY shifted left, with surface around L flat and detail not brought out. Missing nostril. Doubled E PLURB and S in E PLURIBUS. Doubled 1-4, 6 & 7 left stars and all right stars. Slanted dash below left 8 with die chip at top left inside of upper loop on some specimens.
Key identifier- Dash below left 8.
Reverse B1e- D of DOLLAR broken at bottom with just two lines remaining. Die chip on eagle's right wing, sixth feather down and also next to body. Die over polished with blank areas in eagle's left wing and tail feathers.

1. VAM-84 is one of only two B1 reverse varieties with both unique obverse and reverse. The other is VAM-83.
2. The VAM book calls this variety Washed-out L and that is indeed a pick up point for this as is the long dash under the first 8 of the date. The overpolished nostril would round those out and make for a quick attribution for a heads-up viewing in a dealer's case.
3. The overpolished nostril would round those out and make for a quick attribution for a heads-up viewing in a dealer's case.
4. EDS of VAM-84A.
5. We always look at the reverse first when attributing 1878 varieties. In this case, one would quickly see the long nock (arrow shaft end) and the absence of traces of an A reverse (7/8 TF) generally looking under the olive on the branch and at the legs (not doubled for B1 reverses).


LVA Plate Photos

1878-P VAM-84 PLATE 1 PART. BROKEN D 12 OCT 2010.jpg 1878-P VAM-84 PLATE 2 OVER POLISHED LEAF AND L 12 OCT 2010.jpg1878-P VAM-84 PLATE 3 DASH BELOW 8 12 OCT 2010.jpg

Additional Photos

Washed out L, Lightly doubled R I B
1878-P VAM-84 RIB LIBERTY VW 15 OCT 2010.jpg
The broken bottom of the D gives this variety away immediately. All that is left there are two thin lines at the base.
1878-P VAM-84 BROKEN D VW 15 2010.jpg
Notice the line under the 8 in the date:
1878-P VAM-84 FULL DATE VW 15 OCT 2010.jpg
And the washed out nostril:
1878-P VAM-84 MISSING NOSTRIL VAM-84 15 OCT 2010.jpg
There is also doubling of the obverse features in several locations:
1878-P VAM-84 DOUBLED STAR E VW 15 OCT 2010.jpg
Doubled Liberty
1878-P VAM-84 BE OF LIBERTY VW 15 OCT 2010.jpg
die chip on the eagle's right wing 6th feather up from the bottom
1878-P VAM-84 DIE CHIP WING VW 15 OCT 2010.jpg
and one of the many doubled stars.
1878-P VAM-84 VW STAR X 15 OCT 2010.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-84 Images© on loan to VAMworld [courtesy] SB 18 logo.png® ATTRIBUTED BY Ron Hagler

High Resolution Heritage Photographs used in their catalogs. Also known as "plate photo".