1878-P VAM-80

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1878-P VAM-80 Doubled LIBERTY, Wheat Leaves and Grains, Disconnected Leaves

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965.
80 II/I 6 • B1b (Doubled LIBERTY, Wheat Leaves and Grains, Disconnected Leaves) (180) I-2 R-4
Obverse II/I 6 - Doubled last four letters in LIBERTY shifted down. First three letters have polishing lines. Slightly doubled E PLURIBUS UNUM at top left serifs. Doubled 2 & 3 left stars and 3 & 4 right stars. Doubled tops of wheat leaves and grains, cotton leaves and bolls and Phrygian cap top loop. 878 slightly doubled. First 8 doubled on left inside of upper loop. 7 doubled at top right of shaft. Second 8 doubled on left and bottom inside of upper loop and bottom inside of lower loop. Shallow over polished ear.
Key Identifier - Doubled cap fold.
Reverse B1b- Die overpolished with last three leaves disconnected from olive branch. Diagonal polishing lines in field below tail feathers. Small die chip on eagle's right wing at top next to body.


  1. Most coins attributed as VAM 80 are now VAM 80B. A true VAM 80 has very few reverse cracks and no polishing lines, and is scarce. From a 2015 submission, Leroy Van Allen states, "A very early die stage exists in proof-like that shows virtually no die cracks and no polish lines around olive branch/tail feathers. The best markers are the tiny die chips and subtle die cracks. Die cracks (visible only under 30x mag at an angle) in this stage start at TED of UNITED and continue STA of STATES. Very difficult stage to attribute properly."
  2. There is a die chip on Liberty's cheek and Liberty's eyelid shows strong doubling. Die chip on Liberty's cheek on the VAM-80 is higher than the chip on the cheek of VAM-79.
  3. There are die chips on the eagles right wing in a couple places.
  4. There is a die crack that runs from "D" through "O" and past the "L" of DOLLAR
  5. Earliest die stage, followed by VAM 80B


LVA Plate Photos

1878-P VAM-80 PLATE 4 DBLD B LEAF 12 OCT 2010.jpg 1878-P VAM-80 PLATE 1 LINES IN LIB 12 0CT 2010.jpg 1878-P VAM-80 PLATE 5 DBLD CAP FOLD 12 OCT 2010.jpg
1878-P VAM-80 PLATE 7 DISCONNECTED LEAVES 12 OCT 2010.jpg 1878-P VAM-80 PLATE 6 DIE CHIP WING TOP 12 OCT 2010.jpg

Additional Photos

All photos below, from same coin.
1878-P VAM-79 DIE CHIP CHEEK 12 OCT 2010 VW 019.JPG
The last three leaves are disconnected from the branch on VAM-80 and notice the polishing lines around the Olive Branch..

Full Coin Photos