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1878-P VAM-6

1878-P VAM-6 Doubled Motto

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965. Reverse discovered by Francis Klaes, June 1963.
6 I25 A1d (Doubled Motto) (179 / 189 / 193) I-2 R-4
Obverse I25 - Slightly doubled motto at bottom and all left stars on right side. Doubled date with 1 at lower left, both 8's at bottom inside of lower loop and top of both loops and 7 on left side of vertical shaft.
Reverse A1d - Doubled reverse especially evident in left side of wreath, end leaves in the branch held in eagle's talon's, stars and legend letters on side away from rim. Two small feathers added on eagle's right and three on eagle's left side between leg and bottom of wing.

1. RIBU in PLURIBUS is dramatically doubled. 87 are doubled on the surface This is an eight tailfeather variety.
2. This variety shares the reverse A1D with VAMs 6, 7, 14-5, 14-8, and 14-19. VAMs 6 and 7 are relatively common, but the other three are major rarities. The A in STATES is normal and does not have the gouge across it found on VAM-7 and 14-5.
3. Almost always found with the 189 reed edge. PL examples are known with 193 reeds and are somewhat rare. A third collar with 179 reeds was also used and this is currently considered extremely rare. There is little to no trading history for the differing reed count edges.
4. Lesser known stage comes clashed with NO transfer reeding count for this stage is forthcoming. VAM 6 with 193 reeds --> VAM 6 with 179 reeds --> VAM 6 with 189 reeds


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

A1D Reverse

Date showing cracks & doubling
Die cracks at "V" of Liberty's neck:
Spike through eye lid
Here is a compilation of a lesser known lightly clashed version of VAM-6. NO transfer, Doubled neck and a reverse threadlike Impression
Here is the Double Clashed Neckline, shown in LFCP #3 Below

Full Coin Photos

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2nd Specimen comnfirmed by Mark Witkower
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