1878-P VAM-4A

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1878-P VAM-4A (Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse ust)

Discovered May 2013 by Chuck Emery
4A I2 3 - A1c (Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse n & t) (189) I-3 R-6 (R-9???)
Obverse I2 3 - Clashed die with faint partial incuse of ust of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge.
LVA Comments:
1- Mr. Van Allen's letter to Mr. Emery on the discovery.
"Unlisted clashed ust at lower hair vee. Vertical clash line up from eagle's right wing goes between n & G. But is a strong line that likely produced clashed n away from liberty head neck. Unfortunately your circulated coin would have worn away the faint n- Maybe a uncirculated specimen would show it. Also could be clashed raised M above d-w but does not show on worn coin."
1- Here is the link to the discovery thread:[Discovery thread]

LVA Plate Photos

CFE 05-16-2013 V4A LVA PIC.jpg

Additional Photos