1878-P VAM-221A

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1878-P VAM-221A Cut Down A, Doubled Left Reverse, Denticle Impressions Wreath Bow

Discovered October, 2007 by Brian Raines.
221A II1 -C3b (Cut Down A, Doubled Left Reverse, Denticle Impressions Wreath Bow) (180) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 1–
Reverse C3b– Four raised dots in a square to the left of wreath bow with lateral spacing of denticle spaces.

1. " About one third of all VAM-221A's have clashed denticles marks to the left of the wreath bow ". From Mark Witkower's excellent guide " Official Guide to the 1878 Reverse of ' 79 Varieties."
"Good day gentlemen.
The denticle impressions occur on the mid\late die state of the coin. I have 2 full PL examples of the early die state. No denticles marks are present. LDS versions have the denticle marks, but they progressively become weaker as the die wears. I have not found a terminal state for the 221A reverse. The only interesting fact that I’ve uncovered is the 221A obverse die was given a “good” repolishing after being separated from the reverse. Of course, it was then mated with the 228B reverse (line thru “O” of OF), thus creating a 227.1. I do have a 227.1 EDS with a very deep one-sided PL obverse. Unfortunately, there is no smoking gun on the 227.1 obverse that would allow me to conclude what caused the 221A reverse die’s demise.
2. Gouge transects the small wheat leaf below the letter "I" in PLURIBUS. This die is shared with the VAM-227-1.

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Gouge across small wheat leaf
Denticle impressions and polishing lines in wreath bow

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