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1878-P VAM-186A

1878-P VAM-186A Broken R, Spike Above Eyelid

Discovered March 2006 by Clayton Christiansen
186A II 2 • B2c (Broken R, Spike Above Eyelid) ( ? ) I-2 R-6
Obverse II 2– Short spike above eyelid front. Three vertical polishing lines in mouth and some raised metal at left inside of both 8's upper loop and at top inside of first 8 lower loop.

1. Do not confuse this with the more common VAM 185B, which also has a spike above the eyelid, although it is vertical, similar to VAM 222C. A very elusive variety that is frequently mis-attributed.
2. NOTE:vam 186A is extremely difficult to find in any grade and when found is usually a mid to au grade,there are a few ms examples known ,some of them are PL
4. reverse:broken R, closed O (god)


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

The spike above the eyelid can be tough to see. There are gouges at the back of the eye that resemble a quotation mark that are fairly distinctive.
The VAM description mentions vertical lines in the mouth as a die marker
Another distinctive marker is the pattern of polishing lines around the 'bearclaw
The reverse is pretty nondescript beyond the broken r in trust. The polishing lines in and around the bow help ID the specific reverse die.

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Discovery piece is ANACS MS 62 PL